Habit self-experiment: 6 months of daily stretching

Discussion: on Reddit.

In an attempt to improve my flexibility, I did deep squats and sitting cross legged daily in the last half of 2022. I used the open source phone app Loop Habit Tracker, which I can recommend as this made the whole undertaking quite easy to track and exporting the full data was also possible.

You can see the time spent in the two exercises against time in the year in the figure below. On average, I did 5min of deep squatting and around 3min of sitting cross legged. Those times were picked so that they could be done in-between other tasks easily.

My personal experience is that I made good progress with sitting cross legged but somewhat stagnated with my deep squat progress. I was relatively good with the latter to begin with and probably should have altered my routine after some weeks to make better progress.

General learning: Based on this experiment, I conclude that sticking to one stretching exercise for 4 to 8 weeks is enough. After that period, I will alter my routine in the future.

I created the images of the exercises in the above figure using Stable Diffusion and GIMP.

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