Running list of designs

Here, I show a continuously updated list of small constructions. Most of them solve a specific problem so that the majority of the designs can be considered functional designs. Each section starts with the functional design’s name as headline and documents the design with a short description, a date and pictures.

If you are interested in any of construction files, e.g. STL, SVG or any other format, then please contact me. I am happy to look for the files and to send them to you!

Here comes the list of all objects:

Bluetooth speaker box

Date: 03/13/2021

Description: A wooden box to safely store my bluetooth speaker. The box is made from (cheap) wood, covered with wood filler and painted with brown colour. Fleece pads have been added to the inner compartment to ensure that the bluetooth speaker is not damaged.

Spray paint rack

Date: Q1/2021

Description: A small rack to store spray paint cans under a sink in my wood workshop. The rack is made from scrap wood that is older than me!

Key hanging board

Date: 12/24/2020

Description: A custom-made board from recycled wood for hanging keys. The engraving and small ornaments have been fabricated on my laser cutter. The board is used daily when leaving and entering the appartment.

Green office accent

Date: Q4/2020

Description: Laser-cut box that has been treated with wood stain to place a bit of green onto my home office desk.

DIY video light

Date: 05/23/2020

Description: A light constructed around 12V LED strips and controlled with a simple switch. This light will help me to illuminate videos and photos better. It is driven by a 12V power source. To diffuse the set of discrete light sources of the LED strip, a sanded piece of transparent acrylic is attached to the front. It turns out that the light quality is very decent and the brightness is very good.

DIY video light. (a) Front picture of the DIY video light. (b) Close-up of the switch and 12V plug adapter.

Wooden phone tripod mount

Date: 05/23/2020

Description: A mount for attaching a smartphone to a tripod for photo and video purposes. The mount comes with a standard 1/4 inch photo screw and uses a spring loaded clamping mechanism to cover a wide range of phone widths. Fleece and small stop blocks ensure that the phone is not damaged.

Wooden phone tripod mount. (a) Project overview. (b) Adjustment screw to set the desired phone mounting width. (c) The fleece pads and stop blocks to protect the phone from being damaged. Also, view on the spring loaded adjustment mechanism. (d) 1/4 inch photo thread in the top and functional part of the spring loaded adjustment mechanism in the bottom.

Wooden camera rig

Date: 05/20/2020

Description: Although the video quality of modern smartphones is very good, the resulting shots can be shaky. This wooden camera rig adds proper handles and weight to the phone in its role as video camera and thereby solves the issue of shaky phone videos. Of course, it can be used with any camera as it offers the standard 1/4 inch screw. I got information on these standard photography parts here.

Wooden camera rig. (a) Project overview. The holes in the top can be used to mount extra video gear, such as video lights or microphones. (b) 3D printed assembly that uses the 1/4 inch screw from a cheap 1€ tripod with a screwing mechanism to ensure a tight bond between camera rig and video camera. (c) Holes in the bottom of the rig allow extra weight to be added as to make the shots even more smooth. (d) Fleece pads on the bottom.

Photo box

Date: 03/28/2020

Description: A place that can be used to take pictures with proper illumination. The box consists of 1cm diameter PVC pipes that are connected with 3D printed corner pieces. The sides are covered by cardboard with baking paper insert that serves as diffusor.

Finished photo box with installed “infinity background”, the three lamps and side panels that include the diffusors.

Photo box without side panels in order to show the PVC pipe frame. Surprisingly, it is quite rigid.

Close-up of the 3D printed corners that hold together the PVC pipe edges. The corners are attached to the pipes with 3mm metal screws.

Office headphone hook

Date: 2018/2019

Description: This plastic hook, which screws into the office desk with an M6 screw, provides a place for me to hang my headphones at work. This helps to avoid damaging my headphones as they fell on the ground previously.

Office headphone hook. (a) Headphones hanged to the hook while I don’t use the headphones. (b) Hook as I use the headphones so that they are not hanging there.

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