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  • Fri 17 December 2021
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rC3 2021 Supplementary Materials

Supplementary materials for my rC3 2021 contribution “Optimising public transport: A data-driven bike-sharing study in Marburg”.

  • Sun 29 November 2020
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Cycling in Marburg (3/4): For the city council

I use quantitative analyses to derive social and environmental benefits of the Nextbike system in Marburg. Also, I investigate which routes in Marburg are popular among Nextbike users. Hence, I offer quantitative arguments as to why bikes are good for Marburg and how to improve the biking experience in Marburg even further.

  • Sun 22 November 2020
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Cycling in Marburg (2/4): For Nextbike users

In this article, I draw quantitative conclusions for cyclists who use Nextbikes in Marburg. For these quantitative conclusions, I use Nextbike data that I previously scraped.

  • Sun 15 November 2020
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Cycling in Marburg (1/4): Project introduction and data source

I collected Nextbike data in Marburg and introduce my plan to evaluate the data in this article. Also, I present what the data is made up of and how it is obtained in detail. Lastly, a first temporal analysis of the bike usage in Marburg is presented.