Xournal++ Community Gift

I really like open-source software! Daily, I use amazing open-source software for all kinds of tasks.

Two such applications are Xournal and its successor Xournal++. I use it for taking handwritten notes on my PC for many of my professional and private projects. Already Xournal is amazing but Xournal++ adds on top of that many useful features.

Back in 2017, when I was trying to install Xournal++ from its git repository, there was little development going on for the Xournal++ project. Over the course of the last two to three years, Xournal++ regained popularity and the open-source community continued to develop Xournal++ very actively. I think that’s a great community effort and I hope that this will continue!

Let’s make it short: I used Xournal++ to build a laser cutter. Hence, I figured out that giving back to the community by providing a small laser cut gift would be necessary. I designed two small designs that you can see in the figure below:

Also, I rendered a small 360 degree video to fully show what the small key chain looks like. I laser cut it from 3mm MDF and it is 8cm by 2cm in size so that it should fit on any key easily:

This is a gift to the community without any strings attached - except maybe that I would like the community to continue to develop the amazing software Xournal++ :-).

The laser cut gift is genuinely for free. However, I need to ship it. I live in Germany, so that I restrict my gift to Germany-only. My budget for the shipping costs is 10€. Assuming a “standard letter” as shipping method, which is 0.8€, the 10€ in budget translate into 13 key chain gifts that I will ship to Xournal++ developers in Germany. I won’t include the key rings but anticipate that everybody has one already.

I am sorry for non-German Xournal++ developers. Here you can find the design: click. Using blue lines for vector engraving and red lines for vector cutting, you can fabricate your own key chains with this design.

Finally, contact me here if you would like to receive one of the key chains: martin.lellep.blog@gmail.com.

Thanks for developing Xournal++!

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