I am a Physics PhD student at The University of Edinburgh with Prof. Alexander Morozov.

My current research interests are Fluid Dynamics, Complex Flows and Chaos in Dynamical Systems on the one hand and machine learning applications on the other hand. What you see as cover picture is the infamous Lorenz attractor. The colorful picture to the right is a turbulent flow structure that I computed using the novel pseudo-spectral simulation tool that I develop during my Master studies at the University of Edinburgh.

My spare time interests are artificial intelligences and heuristic algorithms - scientific programming and regular programming after all. Furthermore I like to do sports and to play with projects involving electronics and wood works.


If you are interested in what I do, then please visit my blog. It is on everything that keeps me busy: From Theoretical Physics over 3D Printing to Acrobatics and other coding projects. My Git repositories are constantly evolving and you will find some results of my projects there.

On the left you can see a couple of my activities. Feel free to explore them on my blog.

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